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In this series we look at the story of Moses and how the people of Israel moved from slavery in Egypt under the rule of Pharaoh, to a people moving towards the Promised Land under the rule of God.


Part 1 - God's people... cry out - Exodus 1 & 2:23-25

Part 2 - God's people... are formed - Exodus 2

Part 5 - God's people... trust - Exodus 5-6:9

Part 6 - God's people... are prepared - Exodus 12

Part 7 - God's people... are guided - Exodus 13:17-22

Part 8 - God's people... praise - Exodus 15




In Acts 2:43, we read that they were 'filled with awe' at the signs and wonders they were witnessing. God is active in the lives of his believers today, so we too can be 'filled with awe!'


Introduction to the series

Part 1 - The Holy Spirit and Healing - Acts 3:1-10

Part 2 - The Holy Spirit and Courage - Acts 4:1-13

Part 4 The Holy Spirit and Service - Acts 6:1-7

Part 5 - The Holy Spirit and Knowledge - Acts 8:26-39

Part 6 - The Holy Spirit and Pictures/Visions - Acts 10:9-23

Part 7 - The Holy Spirit and Prophecy - Acts 11:19-30

Part 9 - The Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues - Acts 2:1-13


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The Top 6

Today many people read the Bible via apps on their tablets and phones. Over 60 million bible verses were highlighted, bookmarked or shared (via Twitter, Facebook etc) in 2014. In this series we examine six of the most popular verses from last year. 


Number 6 - Isaiah 41:10

Number 5 - Matthew 6:33

Number 4 - Jeremiah 29:11

Number 3 - Philippians 4:8

Number 2 - Colossians 3:23-24

Number 1 - Romans 12:2


And a bonus one voted for by the people of NCBC

NCBC no 1 - John 3:16

The Lord's Prayer is familiar to many and our experience may be that we have recited it from childhood. The question is, do we really understand what we are saying and if so, do we put it into practice? In this series we examine the prayer that Jesus taught us. As we grow in our understanding it can truly can change the way we pray and live.


Our Father who art in heaven...

Your Kingdom come...                       

Give us this day our daily bread...

And lead us not into temptation...

John writes this letter to a church that is being challenged in their faith. John loves the people dearly and is deeply concerned to protect them from the enticements of the world, the error of false teaching and to see them established in love, faith and holiness. In discovering more about the rich truths contained in his writing, we can learn to build our lives on 'Solid Ground'. 


Introduction to the series

Living in the light        

Do not love the world

Love one another      

Testing the Spirits

Overcoming the world

Approaching God 



Advent is a time of preparation for celebrating the birth of Jesus. In these sermons, some of the themes of advent are considered.


"An Advent Hope"    

Romans 15:1-13


"Be on guard! Be alert!

Mark 13





"Family Challenges"
"Relationship Problems"


A four week series looking at some of the visible and audible appearances of God...
Jacob Wrestles with God
The Burning Bush
Gideon and the Angel of the Lord
The Fiery Furnace























A 5 week study on John 21

We examine the call on Simon Peter's life and how we are called to live in light of the death and resurrection of Jesus.


Introduction to the series


Called to love


 Called to belong


Called to become


Called to bless


 Called to follow



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