Mark Fairweather Tall

February 2013

07/03/2013 12:53


Holiday Club - See more photos here:

Running over half-term, each day from 9.30-12. Space Acadamy looks at the life of Daniel and his friends as they seek to be faithful to God. Expect fun and games, craft and teaching... Check back for pictures after the event...




Foodbank Volunteers Social

Foodbank provides emergency food for those who would otherwise go hungry. Over the last year the need has escalated - in the last 6 months over 3500 people have received a 3-day food pack. Without the committed volunteers at the warehouse, office and various distribution centres it wouldn't work. NCBC hosted a volunteers social to say 'thank you' to the many who give so generously of their time.



Contact Centre Volunteers Lunch

Every other Saturday a group of committed volunteers gather to run Contact Centre - a safe environment to help maintain contact for the non-resident parent with children in separated families. Here at the lunch to thank the volunteers, certificates were awarded for those members of the team who have completed five years of volunteering. A great work, run by the amazingly committed Michael & Joan Graves (in the light blue shirts)

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