Mark Fairweather Tall


16/04/2014 20:28

Who Cares? - the Vision Night

An estimated 500 people met at Norwich Cathedral to hear more about the 'Who Cares?' mission taking place in Norfolk this year. The concept is simple: Ask people what hurts the most in life - we listen and then respond. Luke Hellebronth from Worship Central led the worship and the initiative was endorsed by Bishop Graham James. You can read more about the evening on the Network Norwich and Norfolk website


The Cathedral fills up                                          Worship led by Luke Hellebronth


Church Weekend at Sizewell Hall

Once again we enjoyed a wonderful weekend at away. Every two years around 80 people gather for a time of many varied activities. Our speaker, Freddy Hedley was excellent and encouraged us to think about our identiity and how it relates to the overall story of Scripture. The sessions were thought provoking, interspersed with great food, excellent company and fun activities. 
The wonderful surroundings of Sizewell Hall


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