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02/06/2014 21:57

South American Evening


Around 100 people gathered on the evening of 23rd March for a South American evening. We were encouraged to think about tax evasion issues, heard about Christian Aid work in a couple of countries and listened to some wonderful music from Libby Redman. After, we were able to enjoy some wonderful South American food. 



               Preparing the food                                                    Enjoying the meal


Who Cares? Training Event


Who Cares? held a two day training event to equip local churches for the forthcoming mission. Around two hundred people gathered to hear about some possibilties for making the most of the survey that asks the question "What hurts the most in life?" I had the privilege of leading the day through. This is a really well run mission that promises to be very exciting. Eric Delve was the keynote speaker - he led a mission in Norwich during the 1980s where over 800 people made a commitment to follow Christ. 

   Who Cares? Training at Kings Community Church



Russ Parker visit

Transforming Norwich invited Rev Dr Russ Parker to speak about 'Healing Wounded History'. He spoke of the importnace of finding out about the stories that shape our communities and churches. You can read a longer report here...

              Russ Parker


Bethia's dedication

We had a wonderful day for Bethia's dedication. Grandparents and friends joined us as we said 'thank you' to God and promised to bring Bethia up with love and care. The morning was followed by a party for Grace's 3rd birthday.


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