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15/12/2012 21:16


Get in the Picture"                                    

Get in the Picture 

The switching on of the Christmas lights in Norwich was an opportunity for us to set up a nativity scene and invite people to dress up as a character from the Christmas story. Their picture was taken and uploaded to a website where there is information about the Christian faith and our church. Much fun was had as people dressed up as wise men, angels, stars, Mary & Joseph, sheep, camels and so on. Good conversations were a part of the evening as we invited people not only to 'get in the picture' but also spoke about faith and invited people to church. The picture above shows Jenny, Grace and myself joining in!



It is coming to the end of the month and I am looking forward to losing my moustache! As you can see above, Grace has been so impressed by my efforts she decided to put her new plasticine to good use and copy daddy!


'M'ovember is a very worthwhile campaign seeking to raise funds and awareness of men's health issues - in particular prostate and testicular cancer. Thank you to all those who have sponsored me. It isn't too late to do so - if you want to then follow this link... 


Goodbye Tim... have a great time in New Zealand... 

The leaders of the church went out for a meal with Tim before he and his son Peter set off for a new chapter of their lives in New Zealand. We will miss them but hope everything works out really well! God bless you both!

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