Mark Fairweather Tall


23/12/2013 21:57

Get in the Picture

Once again we were in the city for the switching on of the Christmas lights in Norwich. Our aim: simply to remind people that the true meaning of Christmas is about the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. We do this in a fun way, building a nativity scene, having costumes and inviting people to dress up and 'get in the picture'. It was great to have fun and invite people to our Christmas services, as well as share something of the importance of the Christmas story



Transforming Norwich Leader's Lunch




Around 30 or so Christian leaders in Norwich gathered for lunch in the early part of this month to eat together and listen to Dr Peter Brierley. The 2011 Census saw national headlines announcing Norwich as "the most Godless city in the country". Peter, a Church Consultancy expert addressed the issue to help leaders understand why this was the case and how we might respond. You can read a report on the event here:


And read his report here:


And listen to his talk here:



Vlulnerable Mission Conference at NCBC

We were pleased to host a conference organised by the Alliance for Vulnerable Mission. The main concept is that there should be some missionaries from the west whose ministries are conducted in the language of the people being reached, without the use of outside financial subsidy. Jim Harries, one of the missionaries the church supports, is a founder member of this group. It was good to welcome him and guest speaker, Jean Johnson, for this time in Norwich. Jean spoke at a Sunday morning service. You can listen to what she said here:




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