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23/12/2014 21:05

Alpha Launch

As a part of our "Who Cares?" response we joined with churches across Norfolk for an Alpha Launch at the Norfolk and Norwich Showground. It was an amazing evening, with around 1400 people meeting together. We heard a talk from Nicky Gumbel and a testimony from Darrell Tunningley. We took around 40 people on behalf of NCBC.


Some of the NCBC guests...                                           Around 1300 people sat down together for the meal

You can read more about the event here:


Following on from the Alpha lauch, we are running an Alpha Course at NCBC. The first week went really well as we asked the question, "Is there more to life than this? There were around 35 people present. 

The guests begin to arrive                                             Listening to the first talk...


Luncheon Club

This month we celebrated 30 years of Luncheon Club - firstly as St Mary's Church and over the last 11 years as NCBC. There is a dedicated team who have done a wonderful job over the years. The celebrations included a visit from the Sheriff of Norwich and his wife. Following the meal there was entertainment including a show tune quiz and singing from one of the Luncheon Club members. 


Enjoying the lunch...                                              Singing and some of the guests can't resist a dance  

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